Hi Jano,

I never tried it myself and I always though it's experimental feature and 
not very well tested. Could you create an issue on github 
(https://github.com/GreatFruitOmsk/protobuf-py3/issues) ?

I'm planning to down integrate all changes from current repository (they 
pushed a lot of changes recently).

понедельник, 18 августа 2014 г., 10:08:26 UTC-5 пользователь Jano Kupec 
> Ilya, any ideas what's needed to make 
> http://yz.mit.edu/wp/fast-native-c-protocol-buffers-from-python/
> On Thursday, April 17, 2014 5:44:05 PM UTC+2, Ilya Kulakov wrote:
>> The project now passes tests for Python 2.4-2.7 and 3.1-3.4. Probably for 
>> Python 3.0 as well, but it's not available for my Linux distro.
>> https://github.com/GreatFruitOmsk/protobuf-py3/releases/tag/2.5.1-pre

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