I am not a professional programmer, use Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2013 to 
program and I use my PC for everything, not just programming.
So it has all kinds of stuff installed. Not sure if this matters. I'm also 
not 100% sure if this is the correct place to ask for help (if not, please 
tell me where to ask instead), but anyway, here is my question/problem:

Yesterday I wanted to compile protobuf-2.6.0 into static libraries to use 
in my project so I read and followed the instructions in 
I opened the protobuf.sln in Visual Studio 2013, it said it needed to run 
the auto-convert so I clicked yes.
After that I tried to build the solution like instructed in the readme, but 
it failed because of some simultaneous accesses to some file, looked up 
what I need to do and added the /FS compiler option to every project.
Then I ran "Rebuild Solution" and it worked.
Now for the important part: "From a command shell, run tests.exe and 
lite-test.exe and check that all tests pass."
So I went into the \Debug folder, shift-rightclick "Open Command prompt 
here", entered tests.exe and pressed enter.
Everything went well except for two errors that I forgot because I didn't 
think they were important because I'm never going to use the features the 
errors were about anyways.
The problem about the whole thing is, after I was done compiling and got 
back to my main project, I got a lot of errors regarding missing header 
files. "boost.h" not found, "box2d.h" not found etc.
So I checked the folders and..... a lot of files were gone, but not all of 
them. The *.lib files of boost for instance were still there, but header 
files were deleted.
Was it a virus? Nope, virus check negative. Malware? Malware check 
negative. No suspicious files running, no alerts or anything, except of 
course the prompt to allow tests.exe to do it's thing.
Went into Comodo Internet Securitys Logfiles and found out that tests.exe 
"modified" (deleted) a bunch of apparently completely random files! 
Whaaaaat? Why? How? I don't get it...
Luckily windows was able to restore some of the folders back to their 
previous state, BUT I don't even know how many or which ones are affected. 
The only reference that I have is Comodos Logfile, which doesn't seem to 
list all files that got deleted.
For instance it shows "C:\Program Files (x86)\Guild Wars 2\Gw2.exe" was 
modified by tests.exe, but all other files in that folder were gone EXCEPT 
I have restored mostly everything that was logged, but am not sure if I 
missed anything and I don't know if the restore option will be available 
until the day I find out that more files were deleted.
I wanna know WHY this happened and if I can find out what else got deleted.
Sadly I am not experienced enough to decipher the protobuffer source files 
and find out where the code is that deleted everything.
Maybe I'm completely wrong about it being tests.exe but I cannot imagine 
anything else and the files were gone right after I ran it so I assume it 
has something to do with all of this.

The site where I downloaded the files is: 
https://github.com/google/protobuf/releases (protobuf-2.6.0.zip)
And here the report from Comodo: http://oi58.tinypic.com/2469h8i.jpg

I hope that at least someone can point me in the right direction, maybe 
it's not protobufs fault and it's Comodo, my antivirus program, but it has 
never done anything like this before. (In the worst case it only moves 
files to quarantine).
Maybe the combination of both causes this behaviour.

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