Hello All,

My code simply serializes the message and passes the same serialized string 
to ParseFromString() function as it is. There is no copy operation or 
anythin done on the string.

But the deserialization always fails. I have checked each character in the 
serialized string and observed that there is an NULL character in the 
serialized string.
This NULL character is always coming when writing 0 value in int32 message. 
But when I change this to some other value (greater than 0), 
destabilization successfully executes.
I am aware that protobuf may wirte NULL characters in the serialized string 
as it writes binary data, but is there some limitation/known issues in 
protobuf regarding NULL characters in protobuf.

Also, how is protobuf able to decide the end of string if it recognizes 
NULL character as a valid serialized character.

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