When using *BinaryToJsonString *or *BinaryToJsonStream*, I seem to 
encounter a problem whenever there's a message containing a string 
containing multibyte characters.
After some debugging, it seems the place where things start to go wrong is 
in *ReadCodePoint* (in json_escaping.cc) when the first byte of the 
multibyte character is being read from the string (as char) and assigned 
into a variable of type uint32. This casting directly from a signed 1-byte 
value to an unsigned 4-byte value seems to produce values that are 
different than intended and different than expected a little later on by 
some *if-else* statements trying to look at that value to determine the 
correct length of the multibyte character. From there things go wrong and 
the string isn't serialized and just gets dropped...

For now as a temporary solution I added a cast of the value returned by 
StringPiece's *operator[ ]* to uint8 before the assignment into uint32, but 
any advice or a more permanent solution will be appreciated.


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