I'm trying to have an abstract layer which delivers 
google::protobuf::Message, I assign a type by setting the descriptor.
This all works great.
Now I have a general callback function which has one argument, a reference 
to a protobuf message.

static void receiveCallback(google::protobuf::Message &message)

Now another software layer of mine uses this abstract library, this layer 
has messages defined. So I'm looking for a performant way to cast this 
reference and I'm not quite sure why it wont work.

Using a dynamic_cast throws a bad cast exception, using a static_cast the 
datas are not set.
try {
   MsgFrame & frame = dynamic_cast<MsgFrame&>(message);
} catch (const std::bad_cast& e) {
   LOG(WARNING) << e.what();

However when I create a new MsgFrame and use CopyFrom(..) it works as 
expected. But this is not wanted due to performance overhead.

What is the correct way to cast it?

Thanks in advance!

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