Try addRepeated...Builder() and then getRepeatedFieldBuilder():

On Friday, February 19, 2016 at 3:57:10 PM UTC-8, Diana Contreras wrote:
> Is there a chance that there is a method like setRepeatedFieldBuilder? Im 
> using setRepeatedField on a builder by doing:
> builder.setRepeatedField(field, i, builderToSet.buildPartial());
> But I'm having trouble with references due to the fact that when I try to 
> retrieve the builders set:
> Builder b = builder.getRepeatedFieldBuilder(field, i)
>  the builder "b" is a different object than the builder I originally set, 
> because by doing the buildPartial on the "set" the builder is converted to 
> an inmutable message, and by doing getRepeatedFieldBuilder a new 
> builder(different reference id) is returned. 
> So if a reference to that builder already existed, it won't be updated 
> because now we are talking about a new builder with the same info. Any help?
> Thanks

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