Hi Team,

In protobuf-net if an instance of class A is referenced in two other 
instances of class B and C.
Does after de-serialization  B and C reference to a single instance A or 
two different instances of A with the same content?

For example:

*Pseudo code:*

class A;

class B
   A a;

class C
   A a;

class D
 B b;
 C c;


A ref = new A();
B b = new B();
C c = new C();
D d = new D();

b.a= ref;
c.a= ref;
d.b = b;
d.c = c;

D obj = protobuf.Deserialize(d);


After de-serialization D::A::a & D::B::a will be refer to* same object* OR 
objects with same content?*

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