I'm using protocol Buffer(proto3) from my latest project. But I encounter 
below problem.
An encoded message generated from python and I'm trying to decode it from 
scala.(I'm using SPARK.)
You can see the actual message from "value" and its length 227 as described 
in console.
The error field just typical string type field. I also have tried to decode 
string field as "UTF-8" but it is not worked. 
It looks encode/decode problem. Are there some other guys who encounter 
similar problems? Would you please help me?

*Console output*
data{"url": "some url 0", "title": "some title", "_id": 
"5815a37c43cfd44120e50538", "content": "some content", "tags": ["football"]}
value length: 227
Exception in thread "streaming-job-executor-0" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 
at org.libero.messages.Messages$Event.<init>(Messages.java:160)
at org.libero.messages.Messages$Event.<init>(Messages.java:117)
at org.libero.messages.Messages$Event$1.parsePartialFrom(Messages.java:1564)
at org.libero.messages.Messages$Event$1.parsePartialFrom(Messages.java:1559)
at org.libero.messages.Messages$EventDataProduced.<init>(Messages.java:1742)
at org.libero.messages.Messages$EventDataProduced.<init>(Messages.java:1697)
at org.libero.messages.Messages$EventDataProduced$1.parsePartialFrom(Me

*Code fragments.*
 nonEmptyMsgs.foreachRDD { msgsRDD =>
      println("Trying to print each RDD: " + msgsRDD)
      println("Count: " + msgsRDD.count())
      val elems = msgsRDD.collect()
      println("Elems: " + elems)
      for (v <- elems) {
        println("key: " + v._1)
        println("value: " + v._2)
        println("value length: " + v._2.length())
        val bytes = new String(v._2).getBytes()
        val event = EventDataProduced.parseFrom(ByteString.copyFrom(bytes))
        println("event: " + event)

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