I've got some javascript generated from protoc and I'm trying to compile 
all those files together with closure-compiler so I can use them in a 
client app.

I'm using Grunt and closure compiler and can provide my gruntfile and 
generated javascript if it would help.

My problem is that the closure compiler gives me a namespace error for each 
type defined in the protobuf.

ERROR - namespace "proto.gov.noaa.alaskafisheries.demoperson.protos.Person" 
cannot be provided twice

And so on for each type defined in the .proto.

So far as I can tell these are only provided once in the generated file, 
and I've pared down my compilation attempt to that single file + the 
closure library and protobuf library files.

I've googled the heck out of it and I'm stumped.  I've gotten everything 
working with https://github.com/dcodeIO/ProtoBuf.js/ but I'd like to be 
able to use google's generated code rather than bring in another library 
just for the javascript client.

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