Hi Everyone,

It's about time (probably well past time) to put out a first release. Ken
is working on getting his SSL patch updated against the recent trunk
changes, and that should be ready to land very shortly. With that done I
think what we have so far (for proton-c at least) is ready for some real
world use. This seems like a good time to stabilize a little and work
through all the packaging issues necessary to get something out there that
is easily consumable. I'd like to propose doing a draft release at the end
of next week after the SSL patch lands.

What are people's thoughts? Are there any
bugs/features/documentation/packaging issues/etc that should be addressed
for this?

One obvious question is on proton-j. It needs a little bit of work to catch
up with some of the recent development on proton-c. Is this something that
could happen in the time frame mentioned above? Do we want to release both
at the same time or is it ok if proton-j lags a bit?


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