I've already committed the bug fixes and is working on getting the
driver code in.
For the driver I plan to get it in, once I incorporate Rob's feedback.

Once I get that in, for the second phase I would like to work with Rob
to adjust the driver code to mirror the changes he's planning on the
transport side.
Hiram also has a patch that he's keen to push in sooner than later.

Maybe we might not be able to get the second phase in by the first release.
We could try to do more frequent releases initially to ensure we don't
rush things into make a deadline.

We could think about doing a few milestone releases (M1...Mx) monthly
or bi-monthly.
The frequent releases can also help in working out release and process
related issues (Ex documentation, license headers, files, notices
So by the time we are ready to do the 1.0 release we will only need to
focus on the code as the process is sorted out.

We should also think about documentation. I see that as a major issues
leading upto a 1.0 release.


On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 10:55 AM, Rob Godfrey <rob.j.godf...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11 September 2012 20:42, Rafael Schloming <r...@alum.mit.edu> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> It's about time (probably well past time) to put out a first release. Ken
>> is working on getting his SSL patch updated against the recent trunk
>> changes, and that should be ready to land very shortly. With that done I
>> think what we have so far (for proton-c at least) is ready for some real
>> world use. This seems like a good time to stabilize a little and work
>> through all the packaging issues necessary to get something out there that
>> is easily consumable. I'd like to propose doing a draft release at the end
>> of next week after the SSL patch lands.
>> What are people's thoughts? Are there any
>> bugs/features/documentation/packaging issues/etc that should be addressed
>> for this?
>> One obvious question is on proton-j. It needs a little bit of work to catch
>> up with some of the recent development on proton-c. Is this something that
>> could happen in the time frame mentioned above? Do we want to release both
>> at the same time or is it ok if proton-j lags a bit?
> So - I would like to release proton-j too... I've not had much time to work
> on it recently for which I apologies.  I'm going to try to clear some space
> to get things a bit more up to date next week - in particular to get the
> changes to the transport interface incorporated.  There's also work on the
> driver that Rajith has been doing that we need to integrate.
> Overall I think we need to have a much clearer (public) roadmap/plan/list
> of tasks of what we are doing in which langugae so that we can try to keep
> things better in sync and that multiple people can be working on it.
> -- Rob

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