On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 08:49:59AM -0500, Rafael Schloming wrote:
> I would love to hear thoughts and/or alternative ideas on how to improve
> things. I would like to start addressing this early in the 0.7 development
> cycle.

In a similar way, I'm trying to keep our Ruby and Perl bindings in
parity as best I can with what's going on in the C and Python code. Can
we use JIRA to create umbrella tasks for when new features are added,
with subtasks that are binding specific? Or if there's a change to the C
code that would require a change in the bindings, have the C code be the
top JIRA and the language bindings be subtasks to that? That way I
wouldn't need to look through commits to see what's changed in C to know
what should be added to the other languages.

Also, could we add a component for each of the language bindings? It
doesn't feel right to add a JIRA for something in Ruby that's at the
Ruby level but have its component be "proton-c".

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