I'm part of the IBM team developing MQ Light (
https://www.ibmdw.net/messaging/mq-light/) and we are implementing our 
client API using the AMQP Messenger C API. Our client API has a connect 
function, which is required  to be invoked before sending or receiving 
messages. The AMQP Messager C API does not seem to have an API function to 
perform a connect, without sending a message or subscribing to receive 

Looking at the messenger.c source code I found that function 
pn_messenger_resolve appears to give the connect behaviour we require. So 
could the pn_messenger_resolve be added to the API please (maybe with a 
different name, say: pn_messenger_connect, which seems more intuitive)?

I was thinking that the pn_messenger_start function should eventually be 
doing the connect, but that does not take an address argument, so is 
probably not appropriate.

I would also be interested in others opinions about this, as it may seem 
to be a strange thing to want to do, i.e. why would you want to connect if 
you're not going to send or receive messages?  A use case for this could 
be that a server wants to be aware of active clients communicating with it 
before they are ready to send or receive messages. Also a connect function 
enables a client to determine if a server is available before exchanging 
data with it.


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