The Apache Stratos [1] project is currently investigating using Proton
to connect to an ActiveMQ AMQP 1.0 broker using Python.

The Stratos project is a PaaS that manages VM instances.  Each VM
instance may have different Linux operating systems (e.g. Debian or
Redhat deriavatives). The VM instances are provisioned at runtime
using puppet to install the necessary software such as client software
for communicating instance status back to the Stratos AMQP 1.0 server.
  To minimise the provisioning time, it would be ideal if we could
install binaries such as proton rather than having to compile it from

Are there any plans to provide distribution binaries for proton-c?  If
not, do you recommend an approach we can follow to build the binaries
once on a development machine so those binaries can be copied onto the
Stratos puppet server (e.g. make dist)?

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