On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 03:32:06PM +0100, chris snow wrote:
> The Apache Stratos [1] project is currently investigating using Proton
> to connect to an ActiveMQ AMQP 1.0 broker using Python.
> The Stratos project is a PaaS that manages VM instances.  Each VM
> instance may have different Linux operating systems (e.g. Debian or
> Redhat deriavatives). The VM instances are provisioned at runtime
> using puppet to install the necessary software such as client software
> for communicating instance status back to the Stratos AMQP 1.0 server.
>   To minimise the provisioning time, it would be ideal if we could
> install binaries such as proton rather than having to compile it from
> source.
> Are there any plans to provide distribution binaries for proton-c?  If
> not, do you recommend an approach we can follow to build the binaries
> once on a development machine so those binaries can be copied onto the
> Stratos puppet server (e.g. make dist)?

Hi, Chris.

Can you give a little more detail on what specifically you are looking for?
Currently we have binary packages for Fedora, RHEL (via EPEL), Ubuntu and
Debian Linux distros supporting 32- and 64-bit platforms. For Fedora and
RHEL these are a part of the standard repositores. For Debian and Ubuntu
we have packages that are in testing [1] and also in our PPA [2],

[1] http://mentors.debian.net/package/qpid-proton
[2] https://launchpad.net/~qpid/+archive/ubuntu/released

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