Hi Frase,

Thanks for your explanation, but here, my code:

In the requester:

char * corrId;
pn_bytes_t bytes  = pn_bytes(correlationId.size(), corrId);
pn_atom_t id;
id.type = PN_STRING;
id.u.as_bytes = bytes;
pn_message_set_correlation_id(message, id);

and after, send it
pn_messenger_put(messengerProducer, message);

I see on the broker, the correlationId is correctly setted, so no pb.

after I wait the answer, but I would like (like JMS) only wake up on an
answer at my question (and the correlationId is here to do that)

in CMS

MessageConsumer* consumer = session->createConsumer(destination,
"JMSCorrelationID='" + correlationId + "'");

But with qpid proton and messenger, if I do that:
I get the response, and I does not accept it, if the correlationId recieve,
is not the good one, but for me, it's not a good practice, because we
retrieve the message (network traffic) in right case, but in wrong case too. 

So I would like to the same things like CMS, but.... how????

pn_selectable_t ??????????
pn_selector_t ????????????

Thank you


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