On 29/11/14 16:00, Dominic Evans wrote:
I'm looking forward to checking this out now it has dropped into master. It
was only when you recently posted on the mailing list about it that I knew
it was in development. Thanks for the instructions to get up and running
with it too.
Yeah I should probably have been a bit more communicative about it, but I'm a bit obsessive and kept on adding "just one more thing" :-D . Rafael pulling what I had onto master was kind of the kick I needed...

Will be interesting to compare the nodejs enscripten performance vs a
swig-based proton-c nodejs addon too.


As well as needing to get the Node.js net module support in emscripten sorted out another thing on my TODO list is to look at the latest swig JavaScript binding stuff. I think I've mentioned this previously, but the swig and emscripten approaches are complementary rather than competing, the swig approach is only ever going to work on things like Node.js not a browser, but it might eke a little extra performance.

The pure JavaScript emscripten approach is clearly very heavily influenced by the performance of the runtime. From what I've noticed from casual observation the asm.js optimisations in recent Firefox builds make a real difference though. FF 33 looks like it has more than double the throughput of the version of V8 running on Node.js 0.10.33, I need to try it out with Chrome to see if there's a difference there. An interesting "wet finger" is that my test on FF 33 using the pure JavaScript library and msgr-send.js seemed to have performance in the same ballpark as the msgr-send.py, which obviously uses the swigged native C proton-c. I've not really properly compared apples with apples or anything but it empirically suggests that there might not be toooooo much gain using a swig based proton-c Node.js (well once V8 uses asm.js).

I must admit that I'm quite pleased with the way it has turned out, emscripten definitely ranks up there as one of my favourite things in the world of software - it really appeals to my twisted sense of the absurd :-D


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