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PROTON-839      Proton 0.9 RC 2 blocker - 
proton_tests.utils.SyncRequestResponseTest.test_request_response ........ fail
PROTON-838      proton-hawtdispatch cannot connect with SSL
PROTON-836      Missing import SSLUnavailable in reactor.py
PROTON-835      strncmp in pn_data_lookup doesn't work in some cases
PROTON-833      transport can emit frames with an invalid channel number after 
local session close
PROTON-832      messenger: next_drain is not reset for "manual" link credit 
mode in messenger
proton_tests.utils.SyncRequestResponseTest.test_request_response test fails on 
PROTON-829      Possible reference counting bug in pn_clear_tpwork
PROTON-828      Python binding does not support MODIFIED delivery state
PROTON-825      BlockingReceiver.receive() uses 100% CPU.
PROTON-823      Proton prints some log/trace information to stdout/stderr.
PROTON-822      Valgrind errors and problems with dispatch system tests.
PROTON-820      Windows build error for perlPERL_wrap.c
PROTON-819      BlockingLink.__init__() raise LinkDetached instead of 
PROTON-818      Reactor C soak tests
PROTON-817      BlockingConnection doesn't pass options down in create_sender 
or create_receiver
PROTON-816      Add access to dynamic-node-properties in termini
PROTON-815      LinkException on BlockingConnection.create_receiver() leaves 
things in bad state.
PROTON-814      proton-c: pn_selector_select caches its return code from a 
previous error
PROTON-812      LinkException needs an attribute that indicates the reason for 
the exception.
PROTON-811      [PATCH] proton-j: no way to implement idle timeout of a 
PROTON-810      Publish javascript binding on npm
PROTON-809      Changes to build on AIX with IBM XL C
PROTON-807      Proton does not decode AMQP small long encoding correctly and 
does not use it.
PROTON-806      closing a blocking sender hangs if connection has been lost
PROTON-805      Add dispatch request-response extension to utils.py
PROTON-804      the transport doesn't always shutdown its output properly
PROTON-803      Message codec improvements
PROTON-800      [Windows C] Reactor test times out
PROTON-798      Hang in Windows SSL negotiation
PROTON-794      [Windows] Visual Studio 2008 compile error
PROTON-792      [contrib/proton-jms] remove stale support of byte destination 
type annotation from message transformers
PROTON-789      Lots of Deprecation Warnings on OSX
PROTON-788      Upgrade Ruby tests to use MiniTest
PROTON-784      Settled Deliveries keep piling up, and do not seem to get freed 
from heap
PROTON-779      Building Proton documentation fails due to missing proton.py 
PROTON-778      Optimize de-duplication of PN_LINK_FLOW events
PROTON-777      [python] Url does not properly set default port if no scheme 
PROTON-775      ruby: message annotations send from a ruby client are invalid
PROTON-771      AMQP and SASL performatives are not validated against correct 
frame type
PROTON-770      Refactor Proton C to eliminate the pn_dispatcher_t class
PROTON-769      Simplify the trace flag logic by only keeping a single copy
PROTON-765      64-bit values are not being properly marshalled in Ruby on 
32-bit systems
PROTON-762      Javascript tests run when emscripten is not installed (and fail)
PROTON-757      [PATCH] proton-c: transport errors are output to stderr in 0.8 
PROTON-756      add a new/simpler setup.py for python bindings
PROTON-755      Update Ruby unit tests to use version 4.7 of Minitest
PROTON-753      [proton-j] provide constants for descriptors required to 
configure source delivery outcomes
PROTON-752      Ruby: Cproton calls don't unlock the GIL for blocking / 
long-running operations
PROTON-751      [PATCH] proton-c: pn_connect failures aren't exposed via 
PROTON-750      Have distinct API to indicate SSL layer is not really 
PROTON-747      Use around wrapper on Messenger methods to raise errors
PROTON-746      Qpid::Proton::Messenger fails to encode a Ruby Symbol type.
PROTON-745      DataImpl cant roundtrip a Symbol array it decoded.
PROTON-743      [PATCH] ruby: user doesn't have access to clear messenger error 
PROTON-742      Proton Windows SChannel buffer copy error
PROTON-740      idle timeouts repeat and the transport never closes
PROTON-739      [PATCH] ruby: update messenger#subscribe to accept TTL
PROTON-737      [PATCH] ruby: StateError not included in exceptions
PROTON-736      ruby: unable to send binary data?
PROTON-735      SASL authentication failures appear as I/O failures
PROTON-730      Can't read transactional state set on incoming transfer
PROTON-723      Proton-c does not support attaching to the transaction 
PROTON-707      Valgrind 'invalid read' errors in 
proton_tests.message.LoadSaveTest tests
PROTON-697      SChannel SSL/TLS support for Proton-c on Windows
PROTON-667      add support for transactional state and enable outgoing 
transfer frames to specify a txn-id
PROTON-636      setting a 1MB frame size results in an undesirably small 
session window
PROTON-635      PN_TRANSPORT events not generated in enough places
PROTON-634      Packages are needed for Ubuntu Precise (12 LTS)
PROTON-578      proton-c: windows/io.c prints "Unknown error" for all winsock 
PROTON-563      Generated Proton.sln doesn't compile
PROTON-548      Proton-C driver and URL Parsers don't support AF_INET6 (IPv6)
PROTON-512      Possibility to set idle timeout for messenger
PROTON-509      Proton build fails on OS X 10.9
PROTON-476      Support a user-context for SASL and SSL objects.
PROTON-471      Expose the Messenger work method in Perl bindings
PROTON-462      Documentation: Add doxygen overview file for Proton C API
PROTON-287      Fix Qpid Proton-C build with MinGW on Fedora
PROTON-154      proton-j: link attach, detach, attach sequence on single 
session does not result in a new link for the 2nd attach 

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> I'm trying to put together a relatively complete set of changes and release
> notes for 0.9. If there is any particular feature be it new or some
> existing behaviour change that is worthy of being mentioned in the release
> notes or release announcement, please follow up with a suitable blurb on
> this thread.
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