I would like to highlight a functional change for Windows users now
that the SChannel based SSL processing can work the same as for

Important Windows SSL/TLS functionality change:

The Proton SSL/TLS module for 0.8 using the native Microsoft SChannel
libraries was not configurable and successful handshakes resulted
solely from having the appropriate CA certificate in the official
Windows Trusted Root CA store.  It is now possible to specify
alternate trusted root CA databases and to turn off certificate
checking altogether, using the same Proton API conventions as for
OpenSSL on Posix systems.

In particular, Proton applications in Windows will not check server
certificates at all in 0.9 unless the capability is explicitly enabled
using the pn_ssl_domain_set_trusted_ca_db() function.  To use the
system Trusted Root CA store:

  pn_ssl_domain_set_trusted_ca_db(d, "sys:root")

Or to use a file based PKCS#12 certificate store:

  pn_ssl_domain_set_trusted_ca_db(d, "mycerts.p12")

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