Hi folks,

I would like to propose doing a new release. There have been quite a
few important fixes or changes since 0.9, mainly in proton-j, that I
would like to see made available for use in dependent projects such as
the JMS client. These include things such as preventing a few memory
leaks, some changes to stop erroneous attach frames being sent, and
some updates in the new heartbeat support to align its timing
behaviour with proton-c.

I dont think there is anything on master specific to proton-j that I
wouldnt include currently, however it seems likely the same isn't true
for proton-c right now, e.g with the large SASL changes having just
had their initial landing this week and given that the next release
was probably not expected to be for a noticable period of time. As a
result I would propose doing a point release based on 0.9, branching
from the 0.9 tag (e.g to 0.9.x) and then cherry picking any desired
changes to include.



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