On 06/02/2015 07:00 PM, logty wrote:
Thanks for the quick response!
I saw the documentation but they don't give any specific examples of
formatting. Would it be topic://user:password@ipaddress:port? Also, how do I
specify what topic I want to subscribe to?

Am I right in assuming you are using the pn_messenger part of the api? If so, the url that messenger uses needs to have a proper hostname etc. The topic 'url' is just the address for the link source/target, i.e. the path of the full url.

So e.g. amqp://user:password@ipaddress:port/topic://topic-name

That isn't actually a valid url, but the path is not url-decoded (user and password are), so you can't url encode it unless the broker can handle that. However the url parser used appears to be happy with the format above and sends the link address as expected.

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