Hello all,

We are implementing AMQP support in our messaging server and for that purpose 
we use Proton-j 0.9.1. I'm currently trying to implement transactional 
acquisition and I'm stuck with the following:
When a client tries to acquire messages transactionally from the server, it 
send a flow frame with a 'txn-id' entry in its properties so I need to access 
this information. The thing is that in the onLinkFlow handler method I get an 
object of type Event which doesn't seem to contain the txn-id (it actually 
seems pretty blank) and I can't find it anywhere else. On the other hand, I'm 
pretty certain this information is sent to us because we trace incoming frames 
in our trace handler and the flow frames all contain txn-id. Am I missing 
something and do you have any suggestions?


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