Hello folks,

Many moons ago, a seperate mailing list was established for Proton,
back when it was purely a protocol engine other components would use.
Its scope has since expanded beyond that and the separate mailing list
has I feel been an increasing source of confusion and hassle of late
more than anything else. Collapsing it into the other larger existing
lists we have (that the traffic would otherwise have been on) seems to
me like it would be an improvement across the board, and as such I
have called this vote.

I would propose that discussion (such as this) would head to the
users@q.a.o list to join the similar/related/duplicate traffic already
present, with remaining things going to the dev@q.a.o list as
consistent with that list (e.g JIRA, GitHub integration mails,
ReviewBoard, though the latter was never actually directed to proton@
to begin with..).

Whilst redirecting JIRA etc emails should be easy enough (has been
done before), I dont know what the precise options are regarding
existing mail subscriptions to the list. There are significantly more
subscribers to users@ than proton@, and many are duplicates, but some
are not. I'd need to discuss options with infra, but first things
first, the vote.

I have gone straight to a vote on this because I feel this has already
been discussed enough previously over time that many people will have
already thought about it enough to quickly vote one way or the other,
and it is past time to act on it if things head that way. Obviously
things can be further discusssed at this point also if desired.

Note that both users@ and proton@ are in the recipients. I expect the
thread will splinter when someone forgets to reply-all, as almost all
cross-posted thread on the lists do, but at least it can start on both
for visibility to all.


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