Michael Peters wrote:
> Michael Peters wrote:
>> In the process, blank values are being
>> lost. Here's an example:
>>   var query = 'foo=bar&foo=&foo=&foo=baz';
>>   alert('BEFORE: ' + query + "\nAFTER :" +
>>   $H(query.toQueryParams()).toQueryString());
> The reason this breaks is because toQueryParams() translates
> 'foo=bar&foo=&foo=baz' into { foo: ['bar', undefined, 'baz] }. And
> toQueryString() translates undefined into non-existant instead of blank.

Sorry to keep answering my own posts, but having re-read this thread -
it seems that undefined is meant to remove the element from the serialization.
So the problem is that String.toQueryParams() is changing an empty element into
undefined instead of either null or "". Right? If so should I open a ticket and
attach a patch?

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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