I was about to use Prototype for its Ajax.Request facilities but soon
noticed that the "method" has to be GET or POST, otherwise it is
converted to a POST (as a new entry in the "params" Hash).

What if I want to issue a PUT with payload in the "postBody" (er,
*post*Body for a PUT?!)? "params" is not used but the method is
already changed to POST.
Couldn't it be possible that if "postBody" (maybe renamed to
"requestBody" ?) is provided then the method is kept as-is?

What if I want to issue DELETE (of course without "params" or
Couldn't it be possible to have a "rewriteMethod" flag (eventually
defaulting to "true" for backward compatibility) to turn "method
rewriting to POST" off?

Or am I missing something in the use of Ajax.Request? or is there
another way to use XMLHttpRequest with Prototype? or should I just not
use Prototype?

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Broyer

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