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On Mar 20, 2:23 pm, "Thomas Broyer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was about to use Prototype for its Ajax.Request facilities but soon
> noticed that the "method" has to be GET or POST, otherwise it is
> converted to a POST (as a new entry in the "params" Hash).
> What if I want to issue a PUT with payload in the "postBody" (er,
> *post*Body for a PUT?!)? "params" is not used but the method is
> already changed to POST.
> Couldn't it be possible that if "postBody" (maybe renamed to
> "requestBody" ?) is provided then the method is kept as-is?
> What if I want to issue DELETE (of course without "params" or
> "postBody")?
> Couldn't it be possible to have a "rewriteMethod" flag (eventually
> defaulting to "true" for backward compatibility) to turn "method
> rewriting to POST" off?

There are various issues with using methods other than GET and POST in
Internet Explorer and Safari.  The short answer is that, at least for
today's browsers, you must piggyback on POST for these verbs and
implement server-side support for the _method parameter (Rails does
this automatically).


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