That's an interesting idea.

Parts of CSS3 parser could be reused. You could certainly use the
regexen we define to identify various CSS tokens.

My first thought was that combinators should not be allowed in that
syntax (i.e. new Element('div#mynode div.someClass'), but then I
suppose you could use such a syntax to mean "create a div with a class
of 'someClass', then append it to the already-existing div with an id
of 'mynode'."  That could get pretty complicated pretty fast, though.

What do other people think?


On Mar 20, 3:31 pm, "Colin Mollenhour" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Just a thought, if a future version of prototype were to include a
> simple element creation method, what about using CSS syntax for
> specification of id and class? i.e.:
> var node = new Element('div#mynode.someClass');
> Could the new CSS3 parser be easily reused to implement this? I looked
> at it briefly but it's pretty complex :)
> Good idea or bad?

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