That would certainly be unique and powerful.  What would this 
hypothetical class allow?  Consider the following:

Create and Append at Position-- new Element('#content div#mynode.someClass')
Define Attributes-- new Element('[EMAIL PROTECTED]"text"]')
Create an Array of Nodes-- new Element('#address li.errors span')

The more I think about it, the more my brain hurts.  Not sure if that 
means it is a good idea or not :P


Colin Mollenhour wrote:
> Just a thought, if a future version of prototype were to include a
> simple element creation method, what about using CSS syntax for
> specification of id and class? i.e.:
> var node = new Element('div#mynode.someClass');
> Could the new CSS3 parser be easily reused to implement this? I looked
> at it briefly but it's pretty complex :)
> Good idea or bad?
> >

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