The crux of my request is to make functions available to each element.
insertBefore() and appendChild() are already available to each element;
it is only natural to add insertAfter() and prependChild() methods.

As far as where they are defined, I don't care; If Insertion.Top and
Insertion.After are enhanced to also accept nodes, then I would propose:

  prependChild: Insertion.Top,
  insertAfter: Insertion.After

Now if it is important to make _ALL_ four Insertion methods available to
each element, we would probably be forced to come up with four
additional names (like Tobie's below) because some browsers wouldn't
like redefining methods for appendChild and insertBefore.  Then we might

  prependChild: Insertion.Top,
  insertAfter: Insertion.After,
  insertionTop: Insertion.Top,
  insertionBottom: Insertion.Bottom,
  insertionBefore: Insertion.Before,
  insertionAfter: Insertion.After

However, I think it is cleanest and fastest to add prependChild() and
insertAfter() methods that don't pass through Insertion.

--Ken Snyder

Tobie Langel wrote:
> Definitely aggreed.
> Could we go for somethign a bit more consistent in the naming though ?
> append = Insertion.Top
> prepend = Insertion.Bottom
> addBefore = Insertion.Before
> addAfter  = Insertion.After

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