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Jussi Salminen a écrit :
> why Ajax.Request and Ajax.Updater convert all POST and GET paramters to 
> UTF-8? Even then when encoding is set to "ISO-8859-1"?
> In my case prototype.js is part of much bigger system, and converting 
> all scripts and files will take too much time..

For GET, that's a requirement: URL's are in UTF-8 as per HTTP spec.

For POST, you can indeed use Latin1, so long as you:

   (a) do set the encoding option so your server side isn't confused
   (b) do not rely on Hash.toQueryString, which will use
       encodeURLComponent, which by necessity will use UTF-8 (as it
       is intended to encode *URL* components).  So you should manually
       define your POST body, and put is as one string in the postBody


Christophe Porteneuve aka TDD

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