I dig Class.extend()
It's keeping consistent with how things are done now.

I am mixed about "parent". I have used a property of 'parent' in some
of my old code, but not as a method.
Also PHP uses parent::methodName() so I can see how one would think to
use it.
I don't like using $ to prefix parent.

Have you all looked at how mooTtools does it:
I really like how they add 'extend' and 'impliment' as part of the
native new class methods.

var Animal = new Class({
    initialize: function(age){
        this.age = age;
var Cat = Animal.extend({
    initialize: function(name, age){
        this.parent(age); //will call the previous initialize;
        this.name = name;
var myCat = new Cat('Micia', 20);
alert(myCat.name); //alerts 'Micia'
alert(myCat.age); //alerts 20

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