Hi Jeff,

Wouldn't those methods be a better fit for the Enumerables or Hash ?



On Jul 20, 1:04 am, Jeff Watkins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've often found myself using an object literal as a Set and after  
> wishing I had some real Set operators, I finally found the time to  
> write them.
> <http://pastie.textmate.org/80530>
> I don't know whether this is core-worthy, but it might be helpful for  
> someone else out there.
> Just a note, all methods are implemented as statics on the Set  
> _class_ because I didn't want to pollute the contents of the set.
> The only current limitation is you can't reliably store keys which  
> already exist in the Object prototype. Of course, I could add a  
> wrapper object and prefix all the keys to get around this limitation,  
> but the whole goal of this Set implementation was speed. So extra  
> method calls aren't desirable.
> --
> Jeff Watkins
> UI Engineer, online Apple store

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