You must know the attachEvent can only put a function to be a
element's event handler, andd in that function "this" should be the
element itself, but the internet explorer linked it with window
object, and Event.observe doesn't fix this bug, same as $ input's name
bug, I think the Prototype library should fix it, my modification:
  _observeAndCache: function(element, name, observer, useCapture) {
    if (!this.observers) this.observers = [];
    if (element.addEventListener) {
      this.observers.push([element, name, observer, useCapture]);
      element.addEventListener(name, observer, useCapture);
    } else if (element.attachEvent) {
        var f=function(){,window.event)};// this line I
      this.observers.push([element, name, f, useCapture]);
      element.attachEvent('on' + name, f);
use closure to fix this bug, I think this should be added into
Prototype, any ideas?

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