Thomas Fuchs wrote:

> Other browsers:
> Prototype supports a specific set of browsers; and does not include
> specific support for other browsers (these will get the standardized DOM
> treatment).

Why not have a Prototype.Browser.supported boolean? This would make it really
easy to not only document which browsers are supported by which versions of
prototype but make it really easy to all prototype users to be able to check
whether a user's browser should behave properly.

Also, most of the time I only care about which browser is being used if it's IE6
since there are so many things that it has problems with (<select> tags not
respecting z-index, etc). I usually do this in my own projects, but it seems so
useful I just thought I'd suggest including it in Prototype itself.

Prototype.Browser.IE6 = function() {
  if( Prototype.Browser.IE ) {
    var ua      = navigator.userAgent;
    var offset  = ua.indexOf('MSIE ');
    var version = parseFloat(ua.substring(offset+5, ua.indexOf(';', offset)));
    return version == 6;
  return false;

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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