On Aug 15, 2007, at 9:58 AM, Ken Snyder wrote:
> Tom Gregory wrote:
>> apply: function(iterator, attribute, value) {
>>     return this.map(function(item, index) {
>>        item[attribute] = value;
>>     });
>> },
> I've run into a need for this as well.  I'd vote for including it  
> under
> a name 'setAll' or 'setEach'.

I've pretty much talked myself out of the need for it, using invoke  
and writeAttribute instead, although a shortcut would be nice.  In  
order to be useful for dealing with arrays of Elements, it should  
probably leverage the new writeAttribute (to take advantage of  
Element._attributeTranslations) if Elements are detected. If it was  
done that way, why not be keep things simple and call it  
'writeAttribute' (similar to Jeff's suggestion).

> Or, what is the exact opposite of pluck? Pin? Place? Affix?  :P



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