I think many users would be grateful of having additional
libraries/plugins like this. Whilst not necessarily part of the core,
having them logged and available from prototype.js (with all the usual
test cases) would be a nice idea.

Libraries/snippets could/would have peer review for conforming to
"best practice" for using prototype.

The alternative is that a lot of this sort of stuff is on a hundred
different servers and no validation on which version of prototype
things work with.

I would say that whoever wrote the library has the responsibility of
keeping it upto date with the current prototype. Tests can should be
run to confirm that the library works and ensures compatibility.

On 22/08/07, Mislav Marohnić <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 8/22/07, Ken Snyder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> >
> > What is the feeling on adding functions to Date.prototype? As mentioned
> > in March (see message at bottom), adding Date.prototype.succ() would
> > allow some helpful iterating. I would suggest an optional argument to
> >
> > succ for time period and I also would like to throw out several more
> > possible methods (below).
> >
> Ken, these are nice and certainly useful, but I don't think most of the
> people have a need for them. Most of the heavy-duty date/time logic should
> be kept in your application (server-side). But I'll let other core members
> speak for themselves.
> You're encouraged to keep maintaining this extensions and releasing them
> open-source so people who do need them can benefit.
>  >

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