On 9/17/07, Matt Foster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This is
> accomplished in a series of abstract javascript classes to form a
> fantastic implementation that uses an event dispatching mechanism to
> notify the interface of a date selection.

Nice that you're using 1.6.0 features! But why don't use them to the max?
Why are you still doing this:

var DateSelect = Class.create();
Object.extend(Object.extend(DateSelect.prototype, CalendarSelect.prototype), ...

... instead of

var DateSelect = Class.create(CalendarSelect, {
  method: function(){ ... }

I hope you will keep maintaining this as a high-quality Prototype add-on.
Don't forget to expose and document the API for translating the calendar
(the DOW array, MONTH_MAP etc.). Currently I find them too deep.

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