I had an interesting thought while testing out version 1.6 RC - I
thought I'd solicit some opinions (and possibly make a suggestion).

There is not a very reliable cross-browser way to implement the DOM
mutation events - (such as DOMNodeInserted, DOMNodeRemoved,
DOMAttrModified, etc).  However, using custom events, it should be
possible to register listeners for equivalents and send those events
in prototype calls, such as Element.insert, etc.

That would allow for some pretty powerful dynamic things - that can
observe DOM change events.  1.6 already "spoofs" one of those events
in the "contentloaded" event...it would be pretty cool to add a bit
more support for others as well...

What are peoples' thoughts on this?  Or would it better be implemented
outside of prototype (I can't think of a way to piggyback on the
already-existing functions without writing wrapper functions and
extending things....possible, but it seems a bit cleaner to support it
natively within prototype itself.

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