I vote an emphatic No - this would be overhead within proto-core, which
should remain as _baseline_ as possible (that's my rant and I'm sticking to
it - proto is a baseline - don't bloat it... please!). What people need to
get in the habit of doing is loading an "extensions.js" file (or something)
after proto (or lib-of-choice)... and do whatever overriding/wrapping there.

Your case in point...

var oldInsert = Element.insert;
Element.insert = function(...) {... fireYourCustomEvent() ...

> I had an interesting thought while testing out version 1.6 RC - I
> thought I'd solicit some opinions (and possibly make a suggestion).
> There is not a very reliable cross-browser way to implement the DOM
> mutation events - (such as DOMNodeInserted, DOMNodeRemoved,
> DOMAttrModified, etc).  However, using custom events, it should be
> possible to register listeners for equivalents and send those events
> in prototype calls, such as Element.insert, etc.
> That would allow for some pretty powerful dynamic things - that can
> observe DOM change events.  1.6 already "spoofs" one of those events
> in the "contentloaded" event...it would be pretty cool to add a bit
> more support for others as well...
> What are peoples' thoughts on this?  Or would it better be implemented
> outside of prototype (I can't think of a way to piggyback on the
> already-existing functions without writing wrapper functions and
> extending things....possible, but it seems a bit cleaner to support it
> natively within prototype itself.
> >

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