I'll try to get to it over the holidays.  Things are crazy here at  
the moment--it's one emergency after another.

IIRC, the browser behaves normally if *only* the "direct" method of  
setting element properties (i.e. el.disabled = true;), or if *only*  
(write|set)Attribute is used.  Mixing the two causes problems, as is  
shown in the test cases in one of the previously attached patches.

The other patch (the fix) performs the writeAttribute as normal, then  
checks to see if element[attributeName] matches value--if not, it  
changes it directly.

When I go back through it, I'll re-test in IE7/Firefox2/Safari3, and  
note which browsers misbehave.  (IIRC it was Firefox; I'll log bugs  
against Firefox too, if need be.)


On Dec 22, 2007, at 6:46 PM, Tobie Langel wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> Thanks for your patch.
> Would you mind opening a ticket with it against the latest trunk ?
> That would be much appreciated.
> Also could you explain the reasoning behind the changes ?
> Just so I grasp it!
> Thanks!
> Tobie
> >

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