Wow, I didn't realize how much more complex this was. Thanks for the

On Feb 9, 3:30 am, kangax <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've been working on a delegation plugin with syntax like this:
> Event.register(selector, eventName, handler);
> It supports multiple selectors (separated via comma) and an interface
> to unregister events.
> The implementation is NOT as simple as it seems to be. Just to name a
> few gotchas you stumble upon:
> 1) When event is caught by a top level element (document in my case),
> its target property points to a down-most clicked element (which is a
> standard bubble-mode behavior) - not only target but ALL the ancestors
> should be matched against as well.
> 2) Using selector matching is fine with events like "click" but is a
> real blocker (speed-wise) when observing mouseover/mouseout (I had to
> cache instantiated selectors to make it all faster).
> 3) All this custom mess needs to be carefully cleaned up on page
> unload (I'm talking about IE's wonderful GC).
> My point is that this is NOT something to be in a core (or at least
> any time soon), but rather a good candidate for a standalone
> extension.
> I am planning to release this plugin, but wanted to write a nice
> article accompanying it (since many people have never even heard of
> event delegation)
> Best,
> kangax
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