It's good to see Opera is trying to be more like the other browsers.
But we'll still have to add backwards compatibility for the older

Luckily version targetting in Opera is easy since later version all
have window.opera.version(). I've added a patch to the ticket using it
to fix the problem.

Nick Stakenburg

On 6 mrt, 06:07, Matthew <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The relevant code in version is:
> dimensions[d] = (B.WebKit && !document.evaluate) ? self['inner' + D] :
>         (B.Opera) ? document.body['client' + D] :
> document.documentElement['client' + D];
> Here Opera 9.5 in strict mode behaves just like Firefox and IE 6 in
> strict mode, so the above code will not work. Under Opera 9.5 strict,
> the current code will return the height of the body, not the viewport.
> But in Opera 6 to 9, document.body.clientHeight is always the height
> of the viewport, so a generic browser check won't suffice.
> So to summarize, viewport.getDimensions() is broken under Opera 9.5
> strict but works fine in Opera 9.5 quirks, which is the opposite of
> what one would expect. I know Opera 9.5 is a beta, but surely its new
> behavior is intentional.
> --
> Matthew Leverton
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