The first thing to do is to determine *why* the app is slower than you
would like; then you can direct your optimization efforts
appropriately. "What if" optimization (guessing at what's slowing
things down and then fixing those things) tends to be a time-waster.

So the first thing would be to find some decent JavaScript profiler
tools and use those.  I'd be interested to know what tools people on
the list would recommend; I haven't had to profile a large JavaScript
app yet...  Firebug ( certainly offers some
nifty profiling features.

As for the question about the script parsing, well, it's easy enough
to find out. Disable all of the script stuff but leave the script in,
get some timings, then remove the link to the script. :)

Hope this helps,
T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com

On Mar 9, 9:53 am, Thierry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hey,
> Im trying to improve the speed of a js app. After reading some
> articles i'm considering a few things.
> - Does it make sense to replace binding events with the old fashioned
> onclick="functioncall()"
> - When not using the javascript on the page, is there still a
> performance hit from parsing the script; and how large is this effect
> Tips and links regarding articles on js performance would be
> appreciated :)
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