Why not write a small override lib then, instead of converting the  
code... :) ?


On 20.03.2008, at 22:18, BenKeen wrote:
> I have to second Shadow's remark. I've had to turn to jQuery for my
> AIR app - a nice little framework, but requires converting my
> Prototype code in jQuery code. I'm rather partial to Prototype!
> All the best -
> Ben
> On Mar 13, 2:14 pm, Shadow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Well I definitely think it would be great to use Prototype inAir,
>> almost all other libraries took the time to support it, and its more
>> than a natural choice for all prototypers out there.
>> Adding something similar to ext'sair-ext.js is basically what
>> Prototype is missing, it could/should be an external js to be  
>> included
>> inAirapplications.
>> Ran
> >

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