I've just done a little testing and everything seems to work fine - at
least, everything I've tried. It's possible I was high and/or drunk.

I'm obviously a little reluctant to re-port everything back to using
Prototype, but I'll be sure to use Prototype on my next AIR app and
see how it holds up. Hmph. This is simultaneously very pleasing that
Prototype seems to work and very aggravating that I can't find a
problem with it. I'm going to go have a cup of tea.

Thanks again, John. And great work on Protosafe!

- Ben

On Apr 4, 3:01 pm, John-David Dalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Prototype has been using the compileXPathMatcher() for xpath support
> since 3/09/07http://dev.rubyonrails.org/changeset/6366
> There shouldn't have been any issues with it since then, unless ADOBE
> AIR didn't support XPath until recently. Reguardless Prototype seems
> to work just fine.
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