happy to see the doScroll fit your needs too.

I also noticed in your previous message you said:

>Inserting to the top works however, so insert before firstChild works,

You did realize too that this is the most clean way when applicable,
adding widget to a page shouldn't require the use of a DOMReady
notification. Other situations requires that though.

I would add that, as currently is, on IE this method can be called
several time, even later on in the loading process, or even after
the window.onload event. It will always be able to check if the
DOM is ready and this is a bonus if for example "lazy loading"
is used. It can probably be used too with big DOM changes.

Thank you for your comments about my trick, hope it can
do for Protoype next version.

Diego Perini

On 12 Mag, 16:02, Nick Stakenburg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thanks John.
> My point is that dom:loaded should ensure a successful appendChild on
> document.body in all cases, not throwing the random IE Operating
> Aborted. Using the scroll approach ensures this, it's more accurate
> then the current implementation and will prevent having to use those
> workarounds.
> On 12 mei, 03:26, John-David Dalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> > Nick,
> > A little OT (non-related to Prototype) but here is more info on your
> > issue of IE operation aborted.
> > I had to patch it for the PHP framework we use.
> > Fix IE "Operation Aborted" bug by inserting script elements at the
> > bottom of the body 
> > element.
> > - JDD
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