the Opera adjustment is probably a "miss-correction" by me originated
from this discussion thread:


I said "miss-correction" mainly because the only current specification
I know about this is HTML5 which does not require style sheets to be
completely loaded to meet "DOMComplete" state in their specifications.

However developers meeting those flashy problems requested for a
solution in Opera.

After these test it has been added to Safari branch too in jQuery. I
am not sure newer Safari having native "DOMContentLoaded" (>=525) will
need that. I believe that check is good and will not make problem in
any browser, it will introduce few milliseconds delay for sure, so I
fully understand what you try to optimize...

I believe the last comment in the following related thread by
"liorean" says something too (having a separate CSSLoaded event):


As you said we probably don't need this kind of "granularity".

Take a look at at the following small modification to line # 386:

if (timer) window.clearInterval(timer);

if (timer) timer=window.clearInterval(timer);

to "undefine" the cleared timer, I understand the previous line in the
code would protect this from happening but in the world of events I
learned the hard way to take precautions over certainty and started to
always be paranoid working with them...If you say we are forced to
trust all browsers are single-thread, we don't need that safeguard,
anyway I completely trust you can make the right choice.

I hope not to let you with more concerns than answers. My "tests" say
everything is working as it should for the "dom:loaded" part.

Diego Perini

On 13 Mag, 15:15, John-David Dalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Diego,
> Is line 394 ok with a specific check for 
> Opera?http://github.com/jdalton/prototype/tree/master/src/event.js#L394
> I heard Opera 9.5b doesn't have that issue (but I think that may be
> getting to granular).
> My main goal with the browser sniff is to avoid unnecessary iterations
> of the dom on browsers that don't require that check.
> Also is the stylesheet check needed for safari on line 422 as well?
> Thanks,
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