On Jun 6, 11:58 am, John-David Dalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Can you provide a test snippet?
> You can compare the differences between the two versions 
> here:http://www.protolific.net/step-by-step/24.png

Hi John -

I'm not sure if this will help, but an example of our tooltips can be
seen at http://directv.com/ - the top menu ("My Account", "My TV
Schedule", etc) was thrown off with the new Prototype code.  The
Javascript that underlies this code comes from version of the
prototip.js library (I know there is a newer version, but we can't
upgrade due to license changes), which is available at
http://directv.com/resources/js/prototype/prototip.js (the "position"
method is the one that positions tooltips).

If this information isn't sufficient to address the issue please feel
free to ignore it, but I figured it was worth reporting on the off
chance that someone would see this report and have an "Ah ha!" moment
leading to a quick fix :)  I'm heading out of the door now for
vacation, so if this remains an issue when I return I'll try to find a
simple snippet that demonstrates the problem clearly.


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