Working with prototype from a long time ago I always need a function
that could do something just like the Strongly Type languages, as Java
or many others, that is a for ( ObjectClass object in
arrayLikeStructure ) to get all objects from that array that are from
the class ObjectClass and do something...

Since Javascript does not have this kind of Typed Class its is very
hard and annoying to do such thing... I recently tought two ways that
could make it work...

First (and simpler) is a foreach function that applyes on Enumerable
items and Accepts two functions.. the first one is a boolean that will
tell the code when the object is the class/type that I want, and the
second function should be the action at real... to apply in that
object. Something like :

myArray.foreach(function(obj){ return obj.className ==
'MyProtoClass'}, function(obj) { obj.doStuff() })

The second one is just a little different (more Java-Like)... in this
case we would need a previous custom method on all objects that would
say if this one matches a defined parameter or not... something like

a.className = 'MyClass';
b.className = 'MyProtoClass';

a.isMyObject = function(check) { return this.className == check }
b.isMyObject = function(check) { return this.className == check }

myArray.foreach( 'MyProtoClass', function(obj) { obj.doStuff() })

and it would only apply on b.doStuff()

I cant tell if this would have the same utility for everyone that
would have for me... But i thing that would be very good for people
who are used to other Typed Languages...

Please tell me what you think about that..


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