SORRY, I know that its a CORE forum but I can't find any 'users group'
or 'user forum', so posting here. I am facing this problem since last
1.5 years.


I need a small help on Protosafe.

I run a website, where the site's template system uses Mootools and a
3rd-party component uses Prototype. So, COLLISION even ever someone
uses the component.

I was looking for a solution for almost 1.5 years. I think you are
providing just the exact solution.

I need a small help to implement your Protosafe.

The 3rd-party component uses Prototype 1.5.0_rc0.

I have tested the system with your /files/formatted/Prototype-1.5.0.js
The system seems to be working. More testing needed. But that
collision exists.

When I used Prototype greater than 1.5.0, too many scripting errors.
So, the component doesn't support higher version

Can you tell me, where/how can I get the MODIFIED version of Prototype
1.5.0_rc0 and Prototype-1.5.0 ?

Please please help me out of this 1.5 year old problem.

with regards

Ayan Debnath
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